More Critters, Flowers, and Photos

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Camo bunny

The garden is looking great and we’ve had some visits from EVEN MORE critters!

Camo bunny
Adorable little bun!
bunny camo
Camouflaged Bunny!

Now I know for sure why my bush beans and sunflowers keep getting “reset” down to nubs! We also have lots of squirrels, who are probably “helping” with that, too.

I’ve picked a few more stems for a small flower arrangement. Still learning how to put them together. It’s a work in progress! This one has zinnias, cosmos, and hydrangeas. Also, the flowers are attracting plenty of beneficial bugs, like these goldenrod soldier beetles on sweet alyssum flowers and spiders making webs between my cauliflower! We’ve got a few peppers (these are sweet banana) coming in, and plenty of blooms. Stay tuned for more updates!

flower arrangement      banana peppers

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