Hi! I’m glad you’re here! Welcome to The Jubilant Gardener blog. I’m Stephanie Bishop – AKA the Jubilant Gardener. I’m an avid gardener, lover of all things meme-related, and Christ-follower. My goal with this blog is to interject some gardening knowledge, laughter, and a little bit of Jesus into your week.



If there’s nothing else you take from this blog, know this:

The God who created the universe loves you, passionately, specifically, and unconditionally.

In fact, He loves you so much that He died in your (and my!) place so that we could overcome sin and death to be with Him forever! The best part? He conquered death  and was resurrected to eternal life.

The great thing about eternal life is that it isn’t just some future thing. It begins the nanosecond you invite Jesus into your life.

If you don’t know Him, start getting to know Him today. Here’s a great place to start – The Gospel of Mark. It’s a short read – just 16 chapters. You can do it in an afternoon. See who He is for yourself! If you have questions, I’m here! Drop me a line on the Contact Page.



I have a bachelor’s in Biology and a master’s in Public Health, but honestly most of my garden knowledge comes from reading, immersing myself in gardening blogs and YouTube videos, and digging in the dirt with more experienced people.

I sway towards the science-y/geeky side of gardening, probably from the Biology training and my love of being out in the natural world. Bugs and weeds fascinate me, and when a plant dies I love to investigate why. I stick to organic gardening methods (and hope you’ll consider them, too!) because they help grow the soil ecosystem, which supports biodiversity in our home landscapes. I’m a big fan of Permaculture and Square Foot Gardening, but I dabble in lots of different gardening methods.

I grow in ZONE 7B (North Carolina). 



I’m married to my hunky and TRULY geeky computer programmer husband, Jonah. If you see a great photo or picture of a woodworking project in my posts, it’s definitely his doing. He’s been blogging wayyyyyy longer than me, so if you’re into photography, woodworking, or programming, check out his site: borngeek.com. We love to hike, and have hiked all of the state parks in North Carolina together. Post-pandemic, we’re hoping to continue our exploration of the National Parks. 

We have two little girls, who make us smile everyday with their adorable, and often hilarious, antics. We’re hoping they inherit their father’s coding prowess and their mother’s green thumbs.