Welcome to Jubilant Gardener!

Do you like plants? Memes? Devotionals? Well, pull up a chair; you’ve come to the right place!

I’m Stephanie Bishop, a home gardener in Durham, North Carolina (zone 7B). My goal with this blog is to interject some gardening knowledge, laughter, and a little bit of Jesus into your week. Come along with me on my gardening journey, and share some laughs as we figure out planting, growing, and living life together!

Meet Stephanie

That’s me over there, wearing my favorite shirt of all time (“Hoeing ain’t easy”), doing what I love best – making weeds tremble in terror.

Back in 2013, my boyfriend (now husband) Jonah got our first little basil plant to keep at his house for the sole purpose of adding some flair to our homemade pizzas. 

Little did he know that a $2 basil plant would soon turn into a full-fledged gardening addiction, compulsion, and all-consuming passion (for me, not him). 

Ten years, an engagement, a marriage, two kids, and a LOT of money and sweat equity later, we’ve transformed our lawn into our very own little slice of pizza, I mean heaven (basically the same thing), with baby basil plants (& their friends) populating our suburban lot.

My aim with this blog is to share what I KNOW and more importantly what I DON’T KNOW or learn through failure so that you can benefit from my mistakes.

Hoeing in my favorite "hoeing aint easy" shirt